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Unexplored Exeter for Heritage Open Days 2014

The European Heritage Days (Journées européennes du patrimoine) initiative was created by the Council of Europe and the European Commission in 1991 in order to raise awareness and to promote the cultural wealth of Europe, with the key caveat that all events, open days, and talks must be free to attend. Now with 50 signatory

IHC Interview with Sofia Lovegrove

From September until December 2013, an Archaeology graduate from Portugal joined the ranks of IHC and worked on a variety of projects including the Climate Change and the Monuments Project (which she also attended), the coordination of postgraduate students with the initiative and the planning of a Spring tour programme within the MA in Heritage

The Arnavutkoy Museum: Hadimkoy Station Challenge

General Information on the Project Hadimkoy is a small Turkish city 44 km from Istanbul which belongs to the Arnavutkoy municipality. The city, like the rest of the broader Arnavutkoy area, is included in the greater development plan of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (Istanbul&Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2011), which is planning the expansion and reorganization of

Film & Heritage: the Film Raro

Last summer, I had the chance to attend a unique event in the South Pacific. The Film Raro paradise challenge took place in Rarotonga; the capital of the Cook Islands. The event consisted in bringing five film crews to make five film projects highlighting the island’s cultural and natural  heritage. Five teams were selected from

The New & Improved Heraklion Archaeological Museum

In the Summer of 2012, I made my first trip to Crete. I was so excited to finally see the land of the Minoans, the oldest civilization in Europe and a civilization who’s history inspired me to become an archaeologist and heritage manager. I could hardly wait to see the Phaistos Disk, Kamares ware pottery,

MA Field Study Projects: Management Plan for Malawi Slave Trade Heritage Route and Dr. David Livingstone Trail

As part of fulfilling our MA in Heritage Management, we have started field research which will lead to designing and preparing a management plan for the Slave Trade Heritage Route and Dr. David Livingstone trail in Malawi. The Government of Malawi, through the Department of Antiquities, has nominated this series of sites on the UNESCO