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The Sklavokampos Documentation Project

The Sklavokampos documentation project is an interdisciplinary project that aims to record the conservation needs of the archaeological site of the Sklavokampos Minoan second order centre as a monument. This project was a part of the Three Peak Sanctuaries project of the University of Kent and the Heritage Management Organization which aims to document and

Our partnership with Global Heritage Fund

In this effort, the Heritage Management Organization has found a very important ally: Global Heritage Fund (GHF). According to Stefaan Poortman, GHF’s CEO, “Over the years, the Heritage Management Organization has successfully convinced GHF that local community engagement is a key feature in any heritage management project. In our desire to follow best practices in

Training the future of Business in Heritage Management

We talk so easily about ‘global business’ these days that it is easy for us to forget that all business is a social activity that takes place somewhere. Executives and managers who know something beyond the surface facts of the ‘somewhere’ in which they conduct business have an advantage: they know the social context in

An Internship with the Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Coporation

Michael Williams: MA in Heritage Management, University of Kent/Athens University of Economics and Business Organisation: Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation (KMAC) Round: Summer 2015 Stream: Social Science   Long, empty expanse of red dirt, saltpans, mountainside, coastline, and a small package of civilisation neatly tucked in amongst it all. That was the scenery flying into Karratha airport, coupled

Introducing the new HERMA blog editor, Carmen Granito

A warm welcome to the new HERMA student blog editor for 2014-2015, Carmen Granito. Joining Brittany Wade from the 2013-2014 cohort, Carmen will be accepting submissions from her classmates on any experience concerning the masters or heritage management in general, for example: • a visit to a museum, a site, a monument, a cultural experience, etc.

Digital Nafplio's Brittany K.L. Mabry Interview

1- What makes you passionate about heritage management? I approach heritage management as one who simply believes that there is purpose behind objects and structures that have been left to us by antiquity; deciphering those purposes is the absolute source of my passion for heritage management. Material culture and monuments, like ancients texts, are a

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