Georgia Griva


Georgia Griva is a Development and Project manager of International Projects in HERITΛGE. She is well experienced in managing and participating in national and transnational projects (Erasmus+, KA1, KA2, KA3, Europe for Citizens, EEA) organizing and supporting non-formal groups of young people in the context of European projects. The starting point of her involvement in the field was back on 2013 starting with a participation in a Youth Exchange in Antalya, Turkey in the context of YIA. After her participation was the swift in the working-life and community-life. She started to be trained and active in the field of youth, as the next step was to become an EVS volunteer in Istanbul. Since that period, she worked in various NGO thriving and developing new skills and competences. She is also an active youth worker in the community of Argos, which is her birth town. It was the need after a long time to transfer her knowledge and experience to the community of Argos and especially to the young people, which is her birth city and the city she raised up. She has been participating in international events (Camp Pass it on, Istanbul 2014), in youth exchanges, training courses projects, international conferences and policy making events. She is actively involve Her key competences are: a) leadership skills, b) problem solving, c) motivation, d) organizational skills, e) good communication, f) teaching skills, g) negotiation and e) networking. She has a strong command in Greek, English, basic knowledge of French and Turkish.

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