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Traditional Tattoos: Impressive Intangible Heritage of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina

My interest in this topic started as a quite personal thing. As a tribute to my grandmother who passed away two years ago. I remember that I was impressed that my grandmother had a tattoo, and more over, that she gotten it when she was a young girl, about 9 years old. The story goes

Let’s talk about illicit antiquities and private collectors

On February 24 of 2014, Initiative for Heritage Conservancy in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antique Shops and Private Archaeological Collections conducted a one-day conference regarding the work of the Ephorate and the protection of Greece’s cultural heritage. Moreover, the symposium was held in memory of the late previous director of the Ephorate, Dimitris Kazianis.

Brides: Tradition and Fashion in Greece

Looking for wedding dresses is not just an activity that only future brides can enjoy, at least not since the magnificent bridal exhibition has come to the Benaki Museum! This exhibition presents a large collection of wedding clothing from the 19th to the dawn of the 21st century and is organized by the Peloponnesian Folklore

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