Executive Leadership Development in Heritage Management Workshops

The aim of HERITΛGE’ s workshops is to enable key heritage managers, through targeted training, to independently transform heritage assets from decaying objects of study to dynamic sources of learning, community identity and economic development. Since its founding, HERITΛGE has trained more than 2000 individuals and organizations in more than 100 countries and is now on course to impact a quarter of global heritage hotspots by the year 2025. The Heritage Management Organization trains professionals in the management of heritage sites, independently of project specifics. Training practitioners in the essential skills and best practices, which define heritage management is at the heart of the HERITΛGE mission. HERITΛGE is privately funded and independent of any governmental authority.

“...the Executive Leadership Education program

has offered me skills essential to tackling the challenges of managing heritage properties, particularly world heritage sites in my country and internationally. This knowledge is a game- changer in our uneven fight against time, destruction and neglect. I think that this is an essential program … for all the top-ranking officials, including existing and next-generation managers in heritage management in my country.

Hadi Ahmadi Roini,
Director General, Department of Conservation, Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Heritage, Iran

The Executive Leadership Education program is a series of 3 to 6-day intensive workshops designed for practitioners who wish to advance the preservation and management of heritage sites. Aware of the fact that these individuals are most often too busy to attend any but the most focused and intensive programs, we have partnered with experts in each of the substantive fields, to provide quality focused workshops on a number of important aspects of heritage management

All programs lead to certification from HERITΛGE and are based on the instructors’ evaluation according to the following Marking Criteria:
80-100 (High Distinction) | 70-79 (Distinction) | 60-69 (High Pass) | 50-59 (Pass) | 49 or below (Fail)

If you are interested in any one or more of the workshops do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], or register to the workshop you would like to attend.



Vacancies for the workshops are limited, so please apply early.

Executive Leadership Workshops Team:

  • Foteini Giannoulidi, MA (AUEB/University of Kent), HERITΛGE Capacity Development Manager

Executive Leadership Workshops Experts:

  • Alexandros Papalexandris, Assistant Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business
  • Chris Brewster, Professor of International Human Resource Management, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK
  • Cornelis Stal, Lecturer, Researcher, HOGENT University
  • Dana Andrew, Museum Consultant, part-time Executive Director, ICOM UK
  • Derwin Johnson, Journalist for CNN and ABC News, Professional Media Consultant & Trainer
  • Jennifer Herring, Special Advisor, H2GROWTH STRATEGIES LLC
  • Linda C. Hartley, Principal, H2GROWTH STRATEGIES LLC
  • Rosie Wanek, Freelance Exhibitions Manager & Curator
  • Steven Richards-Price, Training Team Member, Interpret Europe
  • Valya Stergioti, Freelance interpretive trainer and planner, Training Coordinator, Interpret Europe

For any additional information, please contact us at:

Foteini Giannoulidi
Capacity Development Manager
[email protected]

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