The Heritage Management Organisation (HERITΛGE) is pleased to announce the HerMa Hub: Fostering Communities in the framework of the 6th International Conference on Heritage Management. The HerMa Conference will take place in Elefsina, from 6 to 7 December 2019.


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The city of Elefsina is an excellent case study of a cultural landscape in which the collective identity of different cultural communities has been imprinted on the site, continually being the foundation and driving force for shaping new cultural forms. In this light, the wider areas of Elefsina, where the primary and the secondary production sector were traditionally concentrated, have shaped a very particular cultural landscape that requires modern methods of management and promotion. Particularly in our days that local communities face a number of theoretical and practical challenges, this is an absolutely necessary approach.
HERITΛGE, having already contacted five international conferences and a series of educational programmes, is proposing a new strategic approach that is focused on the human-citizen and his interaction with the environment, the cultural procedures and the ones that continue to be produced.
Launching this new strategy in 2019 with HerMa Hub: Fostering Communities and in partnership with Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture we will attempt to present innovative theories and practices of activating local communities with particular emphasis on their importance for preserving and promoting culture.
Distinguished academics, as well as pioneering researchers and professionals in the field of culture, along with groups of citizens active in the field of heritage and the community affairs will be invited to Elefsina to attend the Conference and submit their ideas for two days. by lectures in round tables, presentations and workshops.


Scientific topics

  1. Theoretical Issues: Round Table (open to public)
  2. Presentation of the outcomes of the ongoing Workshop: Participatory Planning (open to public)
  3. Agora (open to public)
  4. HUB Core (close to public)
  5. Kerasma (open to public)


Keynote Speakers: 

Will be announced soon


With anticipation for your support and participation,
The Organising Committee