Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The Vision of HERITΛGE is to be among the first organizations in its field, in terms of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the services provided, that maintains and improves the confidence of all the recipients of its services continually.

For HERITΛGE, QUALITY means efficient service and a high sense of satisfaction for all the recipients of its services.


  • The continuous monitoring of the predefined objectives set within the framework of the implementation of the Quality Management System.
  • The compliance of the services and products in terms of the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • The identification and allocation of all resources and means required to ensure the smooth, efficient and effective operation of the organization.
  • The maintenance of the high scientific level of the organization’ staff.
  • The continuous measurement and continuous monitoring of process performance to ensure continuous quality improvement.
  • The implementation of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 and its dynamic evolution.
  • The motivation of its executives and the creation of a team spirit, fuelled by the achievement of objectives and continuous improvement, both at individual and team level.

In order to achieve the above, the Management and the Employees declare our COMMITMENT to the following principles:

  • Implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System,
  • excellent communication between Management and Executives,
  • excellent cooperation between all employees and the creation of cohesive and effective teams,
  • internal evaluation and review of all working projects,
  • excellent cooperation with all stakeholders,
  • continuous improvement of our expertise and its dissemination to all staff,
  • high satisfaction of all recipients of all provided services,
  • continuous efforts to reduce the identified problems,
  • harmonization of all activities and projects with the current legislative and regulatory requirements,
  • open access to all required information to the Competent Authorities.

All issues regarding the Quality Management System are assigned to the Quality Manager, who is appointed by the Management and has responsibility, authority and organizational independence to ensure that the Organization’s Quality Management System operates and is maintained in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and regulatory requirements.

All stakeholders follow HERITΛGE’ privacy policy.

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