Monthly Archives: April 2016

Philosophy, Intangibility, and Preparing for Exams

How do I find value or significance in something that has no dimension? As a heritage manager, where do I find the tangible evidence of intangible material? As I walk back towards Kerameikos from the Academy on a beautiful sunlit afternoon, this thought kept running through my brain. I spent the day sitting on one

National Gallery Strike Reveals Importance of HR Management

After 111 days of strike the more than 200 strikers of the National Gallery of London under the aegis of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) Union declared (partial) victory last October. The strike started as plans of the outgoing director – upheld by the trustees of UK’s National Gallery – decided to outsource the jobs of the

A Day at the First Cemetery in Athens

It was a dark and gloomy day. The clouds were hovering over Athens. What a perfect day to go to the Cemetery. Wouldn’t you say? As part of our Education & Archaeology field trip led by Dr. Corbishley, we had the option to visit the First Cemetery of Athens. Along with the University of Kent

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