An International Food Fest

As our first semester of our Master’s program comes to an end, with final papers submitted and presentations given, we decided to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate with such an ethnically diverse group of students than to feast on foods from each others homelands! Every student was asked to bring a dish that

Museum of Greek Folk Art (Athens)

In the pretty and touristy neighbourhood of Plaka lies quite a different and interesting museum, although (surprisingly) the few number of visitors seem to testify that it is not very well-known. This allows one to walk around the various rooms in a very quiet and peaceful environment, but at the same time, I could not

Volunteering for the National Trust: Building Conservation on Lundy Island, UK

If I asked you to mix a batch of lime mortar to conserve a granite wall, would you know how to do it? Neither did I before volunteering for the National Trust on Lundy Island in July 2013. For that matter, Lundy Island itself is probably unfamiliar to most people on this course – see

Visiting the Oracle: Road Trip to Delphi

Living in Greece allows those interested in heritage sites unlimited amounts of opportunities to explore, especially if you have a friend with a car. Deciding to spend a beautiful sunny day on the road, several classmates and I made our own pilgrimage to the sacred site of Delphi. Traveling from Elefsina where the remains of

Evaluating and managing risks related to climate change

Workshop Overview Between September 23 and October 4 I had the opportunity to attend the international workshop on ‘Evaluating and managing risks related to climate change’. It was organized by the Initiative for Heritage Conservancy under the patronage of ICCROM and took place at the Initiative for Heritage Conservancy premises, in Elefsina. For those of you

An Alternative Fresher’s Week

On the MA in Heritage Management here in Elefsina we had no Fresher’s Week pub crawls. We don’t have a societies fair. We haven’t dressed up as ‘Angels and Devils’ and gone on the rampage through Athens, à la Carnage UK. What we have done is perhaps more useful and relevant to us as a small