The Venue

Labour & Employee Centre of Elefsina-West Attica

28 Charilaou str., Elefsina


Leonidas Canellopoulos Cultural Centre

37, Ionos Dragoumi str., Elefsina

The Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation has undertaken to sponsor the publication of an album to accompany the exhibition Transformations of the Elefsina Landscape – Town and Antiquities, to be held at the Leonidas Canellopoulos Cultural Centre in Elefsina from 5 July to 28 August.

The exhibition is being organized by the archaeologist Kalliopi Papangeli and the architect Eleni-Anna Efthymiou-Hlepa.

Ever year an exhibition is staged at the Cultural Centre in memory of Leonidas Canellopoulos, Chairman of TITAN SA for a number of years, in association with the Elefsina Council and TITAN Cement SA.

The Elefsina Cultural Centre was opened in 2005 and has staged numerous exhibitions, installations, lectures etc. It also organizes cultural seminars during the annual Aeschyleia festival.



1 Kanelopoulou str., Waterfront of Elefsina

The City

Elefsina is the Athenian suburb that stands out for its special cultural identity. Inhabited for more than 4000 years, Elefsina was one of the most important religious centres that established the rituals of Eleusinian Mysteries around the 6th century BC. In the recent years Elefsina maintained its importance and flourished as an exemplar and pioneer industrial centre that gathered workers from the wider Greek area, as well as the refugees from the Minor Asia. This cultural amalgam forms nowadays a unique landscape of oppositions and unifications.

Theodosia Maroutsi (2015)