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  • Start Date:22-09-2018
  • End Date:22-09-2018
  • Start Time:19:00
  • End Time:00:00
  • Location:1 Kanelopoulou str., Waterfront of Elefsina


  • Organized by:Aris Anagnostopoulos / Lena Stefanou / Hariklia Hari
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Open Discussion

The local communities are an integral and vital factor in successfully managing and protecting the cultural heritage. This event, is an open dialogue between local representatives and participants of the conference. A practical framework for managing heritage at a community level and acknowledging its importance that is hoped to be emerged.

Special Guest: Virginia Kokkinou, Storyteller, Official Translator, Ionian University Graduate


  • Association of Asia Minor in Elefsina/Σύλλογος Μικρασιατών Ελευσίνας
  • Folkloric Association of Elefsina “Adrachti”/Λαογραφικός Σύλλογος Ελευσίνας Αδράχτι
  • Association of Pontian of Elefsina “Nea Trapezouta”/Σύλλογος Ποντίων Ελευσίνας Νέα Τραπεζούντα
  • Union of the Cretans of Elefsina “The Megalonissos”/Ένωση Κρητών Ελευσίνας Η Μεγαλόνησος
  • Union of Chios of Elefsina “Agia Markella”/Χιακή Ένωση Ελευσίνας Αγία Μαρκέλλα
  • Association of Peloponnese of Elefsina/Σύλλογος Πελοποννησίων Ελευσίνας
  • Association of Epirus of “Thriasio Pedio”/Σύλλογος Ηπειρωτών Θριάσιου Πεδίου


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