Başak Emir


Başak Emir is from Istanbul,Turkey and works with heritage organizations for heritage-related projects. She focuses on community engagement in heritage management and heritage communications. She has been project coordinator at the Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (KMKD) in various heritage projects and she is Impact Officer of HERITΛGE (Heritage Management Organization) as well as HERITΛGE's representative in Turkey. Most recently, she became the Grants Associate at the History Foundation (TarihVakfı) in İstanbul. She also has previously worked for The National Modern Dance Theatre, the University of Bilgi and the Esenler Municipality for various cultural management projects to mention a few.  

Publications / Conferences (selected)

  • Emir, B.: Thesmophoria. Journal of Ancient History and Archeology Vol 1, No 4, 3-6 (2014).
  • Master of Arts, Cultural Management, Istanbul Bilgi University, 2018,
  • Istanbul/Turkey, Communication of Heritage in Turkey - Aphrodisias as a Case
  • Master of Arts, Archaeology, Uludag University, Bursa/Turkey, 2012, Religious Rituals of Women in Antiquity - Thesmophoria Case Study

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