Dr Cornelis Stal


Dr. Cornelis Stal (°1985, Waalre, the Netherlands) is Manager of HERITΛGE-Digital and is Lecturer at the Ghent University College (Department of Real Estate and Land Surveying), and Visiting Professor at the Ghent University (Department of Geography) with a significant experience in the field of the combination, processing and quality analysis of airborne and terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry for 3D modeling. His special interests lie in the (automatic) generation of geometric, radiometric and semantic rich 3D models, derived from irregular point sets and other spatial data sets. Both laser scanning and photogrammetry, as well as geo-IT (GI-systems, GI-programming, GI-management) are important pillars of his research. Other research opportunities have allowed him to build additional expertise in geomatics applications for bathymetric modeling. As an employee of the Department of Geography (Ghent University), he has played a significant role in the maritime SBO project SEARCH (Archaeological Heritage at the North Sea) and CREST (Climate Resilience Coast). As well as the analysis of GNSS data from tidal buoys, he worked on the development of processing algorithms for tunnel measurements using laser scanning. Currently, he has a special focus on the digital 3D documentation of cultural heritage. Given his expertise in heritage modeling, he manages the Heritage Management Organization Digital program, where he participates in multiple research projects and summer schools.

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