Foteini Venieri


Foteini Venieri is working as a project manager of our programs in Rwanda. She is a cultural management expert with a focus on museum theatre and the promotion of performing arts in the interpretation of cultural heritage. She has completed postgraduate studies in cultural management and a doctoral thesis on museum theatre, and has conducted post-doctoral research on the concept of dialogue in museums. She has designed and performed museum theatre performances as a founding member and co-manager of the company Heterotopia, and has taught modules on museum theory, museum learning, and museum theatre at several universities. Venieri's research interests include museum theatre, public history and archaeology, cultural heritage, and the communication and interpretation of the past in both digital and physical environments. She has published articles in international and Greek journals and will publish a book on museum theatre in 2023.

Publications/Conferences (selected)

  • Venieri, F. 2022, Facilitated dialogue: An emerging field of museum practice, EXARC, 2022/1. On- line στη διεύθυνση: museum-practice
  • El Raheb, K., Kougioumtzian, L., Stergiou, M., Petousi, D., Katifori, A., Servi, K., Kriezi, V.,Vraka, V., Merakos, S., Charkiolakis, A., Venieri, F., Boile, M. & Ioannidis, Y. 2022, Designing an augmented experience for a music archive: What does the audience need beyond the sense of hearing? Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, 15 (4), 1-24. (ερευνητικό έργο ARIA)
  • Gazi, Α., Stoyannides, Y., Venieri, F., Marmaras, I., Ζiff, S., Scoulidas, Y., & Giannakis, Th. 2021, REVAthens: Bringing Athens of the Revolution to life through museum theatre methodology and digital gamification techniques, στο Shehade, M. & Stylianou-Lambert, Th., Emerging Technologies and the Digital Transformation of Museums and Heritage Sites, Springer, 166-183. (ερευνητικό έργo REVAthens)
  • Pistola, Th., Diplaris, S., Stentoumis, Ch ., Stathopoulos, E., Loupas, G., Mandilaras, Th.,Kalantzis, G., Kalisperakis, I., Tellios, A., Zavraka, D., Koulali, P., Kriezi, V., Vraka, V., Venieri, F., Bacalis, S., Vrochidis, St. & Kompatsiaris, I. 2021, Creating Immersive experiences based on intangible cultural heritage, IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Reality(ICIR), 17-24.(ερευνητικό έργο ΧΡΩΜΑΤΑ)
  • Venieri, F. & Shelley, R. 2020, Drama and theater in heritage education: negotiating history, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Theatre/Drama and Performing, Arts in Education: Utopia or necessity? 129-136.
  • Venieri, F. & Marmaras, I., Tsetsos, V. 2020, ‘Interactive Museum theatre Documentary: An innovative digital application for the research and interpretation of cultural heritage’, Proceedings of the 3rd Panhellenic Conference on the Digitization of Cultural Heritage, 259-268.

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