Theodosia Maroutsi

Greek Programs Manager

Theodosia Maroutsi was born in Germany and has served the cultural sector as a creative art director since 1994, designing and contributing to numerous magazines, newspapers and marketing projects. Having studied graphic design, she gradually focused on the cultural field, gaining a Bachelor of Arts (BA with Distinction) in Studies in European Civilization from the Hellenic Open University and a Master of Arts (MA with Distinction) in Heritage Management from the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB, Greece) and the University Of Kent. She is currently a PhD Candidate for the University of West Attica. Her academic research interests are in Strategic Planning for remote areas with significant cultural heritage and the protection and promotion of cultural heritage based on the knowledge of the past to enhance innovative applications. During the last years she has a leading role in planning and organizing the international HerMa Conference and currently works as a National Programs Manager for  HERITΛGE.

Publications/Conferences (selected)

  • Maroutsi, Th., Gülbandilar G., Börekçi I., Kokalari A. (Nitsiakos V., Manos I., etc. Eds.) 2016. Landscape in Transition: Environment Appropriation and Use in Gjonomadh village, Albania, in Ethnographic research in border area. pp.74-84
  • Maroutsi, Th., Giannoulidi, F. (2016) Restoration and Rehabilitation of the “Kamara” Gate in Ano Syros in Vasilara, A. (ed.) 6th Cultural Heritage Seminar: Sustainable Development and Cultural Heritage. pp. 111-120.
  • Maroutsi, Th., Giannoulidi, F. (2016) Networks of Masonry craftsmen of Epirus / Anthi tis Petras 2016, Lagadia, Peloponnese, Greece
  • Maroutsi, Th., Giannoulidi, F. & Strashevska, T. (2015) Μet (Mastorochoria Network): Strategic Plan for Smart, Sustainable & Inclusive Growth /2nd Student Conference in Heritage Management, Athens, Greece
  • Maroutsi, Th., Giannoulidi, F. & Strashevska, T.(2015) Μet: Using Ethnography Out of the Context of Sustaining Images. The Case of the Mountainous Mastorochoria Cultural Heritage, Pindus, Greece , 13th International Border Crossing, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015
  • Maroutsi, Th., Giannoulidi, F. & Strashevska, T. (2015) MaNet: Safeguarding and Revitalising the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Craftsmen in the Mastorochoria Traditional Mountain Villages in Greece and in the Broader Balkan Peninsula / Bilgi University (CACM) 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

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