Vira Orlovska

Project Manager, Ukraine

Vira Orlovska is a heritage scholar and an experienced project manager trained in linguistics and education (Ivan Franko University of Lviv, Ukraine) and world heritage studies (Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany). Vira has conducted fieldwork in Lao PDR supporting the nomination of the Hin Nam No National Park as a transboundary UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site with Phong Nga Ke Bang in Vietnam with a focus on transboundary heritage management. Vira’s professional and research interests lie in the domains of cultural and natural heritage management (as a visiting excellence scholar at the Institute of Environmental Sciences (ISE), Environmental Governance and Territorial Development (GEDT) and coordinator of the Geneva Heritage Lab, University of Geneva, Switzerland), emergency protection of cultural heritage in Ukraine (through work with ALIPH - The International alliance for the protection of heritage in conflict areas), and international development cooperation (through work with the German Development Cooperation, GIZ).   Publications

  • Orlovska, V., Larsen, P.B., Milovanova O. (Eds.) (2023). Revival in the Times of War. Luhansk. A Displaced Museum. Lviv, Ukraine: Bona Publishing.
  • Orlovska, V., Milovanova, O. (2022). Museum Governance Creativity in the Face of War: Luhansk Regional History Museum, Ukraine. In Governance of Heritage and Creativity (Eds. Florence Graezer Bideau and Peter Bille Larsen). EPFL, University of Geneva, Office Federal of Culture, ICCROM & the Swiss Institute in Rome.

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