Abebaw Ayalew Gella

Abebaw Ayalew Gella holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Addis Ababa University, Department of History. Since 1998 he has been teaching history and art history at Addis Ababa University, Department of History and the Alle School of Fine Arts and Design. His research interest is the history of Ethiopian art and iconography of art of

Felix Ameka

Felix Ameka is a professor of Ethnolinguistic Diversity and Vitality at Leiden University, and linguist working on the intersection of grammar, meaning and culture. He specializes in West-African languages, and he has worked all across the continent. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Ghana, Legon and a PhD from the Australian National

Ghalia Garelnabi Babiker

Ghalia Garelnabi Babiker is the Director of Sudan Museums. She holds a Bachelor of Archaeology from the University of Khartoum, a Masters in Museum Documentation from the University of Warsaw and a PhD in Museum Management from the University of Khartoum.  Since 1983, she has been working at the Sudan National Corporation of Antiquities and

Solange Laura Macamo

Solange Laura Macamo is an Associate Professor in Archaeology and Built Heritage at the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of UEM- Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo- Mozambique.  From 2018-2022, she was co-leader of the Rising from the Depths research network in Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar, funded by the Arts

Hafsat Abiola

Hafsat Abiola is President of Women in Africa (WIA) Initiative. WIA is an organization which provides a platform for leading and high potential African women to connect and raise their level of individual success and collective impact. She graduated from Harvard University with a A.B. in Development Economics (Hons.) and received a Master’s in International Development from Tsinghua

Richard Brown

Richard Brown previously held leadership positions at American Express, Goldman Sachs, AT&T Wireless , Toys “R” Us, and Texaco where he was responsible for overseeing the companies’ global giving programs and community relations initiatives. Richard’s main goal is to help our African Programs create engagement strategies that support the community and strengthen their reputations but

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