Project Management – HM806

Location Term Level Credits (ECTS) Current Convenor 2018-19
AUEB, Athens
(version 2)
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7 15 (7.5)


This module is taught at the Athens Centre, and is therefore only available to students studying on the MA in Heritage Management.


This course aims at introducing students to the management of projects related to cultural heritage. Specifically, the course deals with issues and tools related to the design, programming and audit of the execution of project which include a potentially wide variety of activities. The material begins with the selection and evaluation of the project along with Total Quality Management (TQM), and continues with programming which comprises of defining key activities, estimation of duration and resources and extends to costing, resource usage analysis and auditing.


This module appears in:


Contact hours

2 hours per week

Method of assessment

40% coursework; 60% examination

Indicative reading

See the library reading list for this module (Canterbury)

See the library reading list for this module (Medway)

Learning outcomes

Students will learn the essential concepts, methodologies and techniques of modern project management, so as to feel comfortable when they manage a project;
Students will understand the need to align project management with the strategy, values and targets of an organisation and to obtain a feeling of the multi-dimensional impact that projects have on the global environment in which they are executed;
The module will familiarise students with the most widespread and globally acceptable techniques and standards that facilitate project management and formulate the international communication language for relevant matters;
Students will be able to present a methodological framework for project selection, planning, execution, monitoring and control;
The module will encourage further study, practice and adoption of PM processes;
The module will motivate professional certification in project management

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