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Addressing the Challenges to Cultural Heritage in Turkey and Syria after the February 6th Earthquake

By Dr. Evangelos Kyriakidis N.B. The following remarks were delivered during the Aliph Forum 2023 a few short weeks after the deadly February earthquakes that affected Turkey and Syria Dealing with the challenges posed to cultural heritage in Turkey and Syria following the devastating earthquake of February 6th is a complex issue that requires a

A new partnership for HERITAGE and SoFIA

The Heritage Management Organization (HERITΛGE) and the School of the Future International Academy (SoFIA) are joining forces to support education and heritage management professionals in The Gambia. With their expertise in adult training and competence development, the two organizations will organize a series of activities to enhance the skills of professionals in the fields of

Cultural Heritage SHIFTing forward

Representatives from HERITΛGE and 12 consortium partners met in Budapest on March 21st-22nd for the General Assembly of the SHIFT project, an innovative effort to make cultural heritage more accessible using technology, funded by the European Union. SHIFT stands for MetamorphoSis of cultural Heritage Into augmented hypermedia assets For enhanced accessibiliTy and inclusion. The project

Launching a new Conservation Workshop!

HERITΛGE is happy to announce the launch of a new introductory conservation workshop, designed to equip heritage professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to extend the life of cultural heritage while enhancing the transmission of its messages and values. Conservation is critical to preserving the physical and cultural characteristics of heritage objects, and

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