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“Introduction to the General Principles of Cultural Heritage Conservation” workshop

The online 3-day workshop on “Introduction to the General Principles of Cultural Heritage Conservation” took place from 18 to 20 March 2022.

28 heritage managers from Africa (Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana, Rwanda, Egypt, Tunisia, Kenya) and from Asia ( Pakistan, Jordan, Nepal, Iran) have been trained on the principles and objectives of conservation and its methodology.

During the workshop participants developed four projects practicing the principles of cultural heritage conservation. Participants identified the conservation infrastructure of their projects and recognized the importance of interdisciplinarity for a holistic conservation approach. They focused on issues of values, authenticity, integrity, and compatibility and how these concepts transform conservation into a process of change and continuity. They have been also introduced to the evolution of conservation, and the contemporary international context of conservation and they formed a better understanding of the potential of the action of conservation.

By attending the workshop, participants acquired a solid foundation of the notion, the purpose, and the aim of conservation. After completing the workshop participants are able to identify the conservation needs of their projects and collaborate with conservation specialists in order to apply all the necessary measures to safeguard and promote the cultural heritage assets of their region.

The workshop’s instructor: Alexis Stefanis is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art of the University of West Attica. He has been involved in many research projects and has produced a significant number of studies and publications concerning the conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of architectural heritage.

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