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Project Management Workshop in Benin

27 Heritage Managers take part in a 3-day Project Management Workshop in Benin

Heritage managers from Cotonou, Porto Novo, Abomey-Calavi, Parakou, Ouake, and beyond, took part in the Heritage Management Organization’s (HERITΛGE) first in-person workshop in Benin. The “Project Management for Heritage Managers” workshop took place at the École du Patrimoine Africain (EPA) in Porto Novo on 24-26 October under instructor Dr. Matina Magkou.

The workshop was attended by heritage managers from a variety of stakeholders, including the Ministry of Tourism, Cultura and the Arts, the Ministry for Quality of Life and Sustainable Development, the Ministry for the Environment, the University of Abomey-Calavim, the Universite of Lomé, the School of African Heritage, de la culture et des arts, the Ministère du Cadre de Vie et du Développement Durable, the Ministère de l’Environnement,, the Université d Abomey Calavi, the Université de Lomé, the École du Patrimoine Africain, the Diocesan Cell of Religious Heritage in Porto Novo, the Institute of Cultural Affairs of Benin (ICA BENIN), the NGO Young Rural People of Benin, Émergence Consulting Plus, and the Architectural Firm K2ai.

Dr. Emery Patrick Effiboley, Head of the Department of History and Archaeology at the University of Abomey-Calavi addressed the workshop attendees on the first day.

“It is an honor to have so many Beninese heritage managers here. We have noted that Benin and you are working hard and effectively to make this country a beacon for the region when it comes to heritage issues, and we hope that with this workshop we will give you more tools to succeed,” HERITΛGE’s Maria Kagkelidou told attendees.

The “Project Management for Heritage Managers” workshop was delivered in cooperation with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the kind assistance of EPA.

About HerMaP Benin: The program is delivered in cooperation with the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and aims to develop the business skills of heritage managers in order to enable them to better support the heritage and cultural sectors to further promote economic growth in Benin. The heritage sector can enhance community solidarity and provide high-quality employment opportunities for Benin’s workforce.

About HERITΛGE: The Heritage Management Organization (HERITΛGE) was established in 2008 to enable key heritage managers to independently transform heritage assets into dynamic sources of learning, community, identity, and economic development through targeted training. We train professionals in the management of heritage sites, independently of project specifics. HERITΛGE has trained hundreds of individuals and organizations in over 90 countries and is on course to impact a quarter of global heritage hotspots by the year 2025.

More information: please contact [email protected]

HERITΛGE in the news | August-September

HERITΛGE teams continued delivering online and in person workshops, training heritage professionals around the world, as well as contributing to the global heritage debates. 

The looting of artefacts has always been a sign of military might or economic power. To combat this illicit traffic in antiquities it is necessary to have a comprehensive international strategy, which will enable the international community once and for all to stop this cultural crime, HERITΛGE director, Dr. Evangelos Kyriakidis, wrote for the TheConversation back in 2016. With war now extending into European soil, the Greek Reporter republished the article for its readers. 

Read more here and here.


HERITΛGE much-anticipated visit to The Gambia after the lifting of pandemic restrictions made the news. A 3-person team, headed by Mina Morou visited the country for the HerMaP Gambia program in August, to deliver an in-person workshop and further develop capacity mapping and building functions for the country’s heritage sector.

Read more here.


A few weeks earlier, in July, over 40 heritage managers from around the country completed a three-day workshop on Heritage Interpretation for Site Managers.

Read here.


Finally, HERITΛGE director, Dr. Evangelos Kyriakidis, spoke to Greece’s public broadcaster ERT and its 2o Program radio station during the annual European Heritage Days celebratory weekend. Speaking to journalist @ioanna niaoti and #namaste Kyriakidis explored themes such as why cultural heritage is important, the threats it faces and paradigms from around the continent.

Listen to the program here.



Upcoming Training Opportunities in Community Engagement and Heritage Interpretation

HERITΛGE is happy to announce three upcoming training workshops for Heritage Professionals.

At HERITΛGE we train professionals in the management of heritage sites, independently of project specifics. We have trained more than 1000 individuals and organizations in over 77 countries and are now on course to impact a quarter of global heritage hotspots by 2025. 

Our upcoming opportunities include:

Engaging Communities in Cultural Heritage – Online and In-Person

This course draws from our long experience with community engagement through heritage and will discuss several examples from our own and others’ work. At HERITΛGE aim to develop a distinct approach to community engagement, based on social (and art) research with community-led initiative.

Introduction to Heritage Interpretation for Site Managers – Online

Heritage Interpretation is a structured approach to non-formal learning, specialized in making visitors’ experience meaningful and unforgettable. In this 3-day course, participants will familiarize themselves with the principles of quality heritage interpretation and will practice how to use interpretation on their own sites.

Interpretive Writing for Natural and Cultural Heritage – Online

The key to effective word-based Heritage Interpretation is written text that grabs and holds the reader’s attention. During a 3-day online course, participants will discover and practice a wide range of techniques to engage visitors and master the techniques of interpretive writing.


*There is funding available through the Benefactor Scholarships of the Heritage Management Organizations. The scholarships are available for qualified candidates and cover a large part of the cost, excluding travel and hotel expenses for in-person training.

DEADLINE EXTENDED “Developing and Organising Temporary Exhibitions and Touring Strategies” Workshop 

DEADLINE EXTENDED – Apply by August 20! 

Developing and Organising Temporary Exhibitions and Touring Strategies Workshop 

Heritage is happy to invite applications for the Developing and Organising Temporary Exhibitions from your Collections and Touring Strategies training program which will take place online 23rd-25th September 2022. 

This workshop focuses on how temporary exhibitions can enhance and promote the mission of a cultural organization, create new audiences, build partnerships and potentially generate revenue. 

Starting with building an organizational strategy for exhibition making and partnership building, participants will explore the process behind making temporary exhibitions for display at home and for the tour.  This includes identifying exhibition objectives, shaping the narrative and content to create a compelling visitor experience, as well as strategies for touring exhibitions nationally and internationally.`

Only scholarship holders are accepted to this workshop. 

Scholarships available normally cover up to 90% of tuition fees.  In exceptional cases, Heritage may cover the full fees.

More details in the Official Announcement. To submit your application, please fill out the application form.


Testimonials from previous workshop participants

Emerging Trends and Technologies in Cultural Organizations | Conference completion

The Heritage Management Organization (HERITΛGE) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Emerging Trends and Technologies in Cultural Organizations: Management Innovation and Network Collaboration one-day conference that took place in Thessaloniki on July 14th realized with the support of the American Farm School and the International Hellenic University.

The conference was the culmination of the TEACH FOR FUTURE international program, which was realized by HERITΛGE in cooperation with the Romanian National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries (ANBPR) and Global Libraries – Bulgarian Foundation.

Conference speakers included Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale, President of the American Farm School, Dr. Evangelos Kyriakidis, HERITAGE Founder and Director, and Dr. Emmanuel Garoufallou, Head of the Department of Library Science, Archives and Information Systems, School of Social Sciences, International Hellenic University and coordinator of the TEACH FOR FUTURE program. 

“Teach for Future and this conference aim to contribute to improving and extending adult high-quality learning opportunities on innovative educational topics, with potential for economic growth, acquiring and recognising new skills, knowledge and behaviors in line with the demands of the labor market,”  Dr. Garoufallou.

The conference’s keynote presentation “Copyright and online learning in a time of transition: games, creativity and learning” was  given by Dr. Jane Secker of the University of London and Chris Morrison of the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. 


TEACH FOR FUTURE was co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus + initiative to train more than 300 people in three countries, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. The aim of the program is for graduates to transfer specialized knowledge in the fields of Information Technology, Innovation Management and Network Collaboration, as well as Entrepreneurship and Leadership to diverse communities of adult learners from the three participating countries and the wider region and act as multipliers for the acquisition of skills.

HERITΛGE in the news

The Heritage Management Organisation’s people, programs and partners have all been in the news. You can find some of the articles below. 


Heritage Director, Evangelos Kyriakidis, told Euronews’ Jonny Walfisz that Britain must seize the opportunity for cultural diplomacy and give up its fears regarding the restitution of the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece and the British Museum needs to see past the legal arguments it has been presenting on the issue…

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Staying on the same topic, Dr. Kyriakidis told Euronews a few weeks later that European museums must do more than just return artefacts…. 

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Irene Onyancha of the United Nations, Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) speaking on behalf of Nita Deerpalsing during the “Community Engagement Workshop with Community Leaders on the Promotion and Protection of Heritage Resources” which was held in Nairobi, Kenya, told participants that ECA is partnering with stakeholders including the Africa Union Commission and HERITAGE, to implement its heritage management programme which aims to empower local communities and experts…

Read more on ModernGhana.com 


Press in The Gambia and beyond reported on Heritage’s “Engaging Communities in Cultural Heritage” and “Heritage Interpretation for Site Managers” workshops. Cultural heritage managers in Banjul, Barra, Janjanbureh and beyond took part in the workshops which address the needs of the country’s heritage organizations and local groups as they themselves set them out in a survey conducted by the Heritage Management Organisation. The workshops are part of the HerMaP Gambia project, co-financed by the EU with partly-matched funding by the United Nations ECA….

Read more on AllAfrica.comThePoint.gm and ModernGhana.com


Naftemporiki, one of Greece’s oldest and best-known financial papers/websites, features Hertigage’s work in Africa, highlighting that this is the first time that the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) has collaborated with an organization to develop a cultural heritage program in the continent…

Read more on Naftemporiki.gr


Greek media reported on the upcoming conference on “Emerging Trends and Technologies (EMTech) in Cultural Organizations: Management Innovation and Network Collaboration” that HERITAGE is organizing at the American Farm School in Thessaloniki to mark the conclusion of the international TEACH FOR FUTURE project. The project was co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme and took place in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania… 

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