HerMa Photos – 4th

Photo Exhibition Re-reading/re-thinking the cultural landscape. During the days of the 4th HMO International HerMa Conference, an outdoor photography exhibition will take place in Elefsina, in the Paleo Eleourgio (Old Oil Factory) and on the pedestrian road outside the archaeological site of Elefsina. The exhibits are chosen from the output of a photography workshop undertaken by the students

HerMa Aeschylus – 4th

Performing Arts This event scrutinizes Aeschylus’ perceived status as a venerable literary monument .. and as someone with a fundamental concern for core societal values .. do they have relevance for us today? Aeschylus is the first ancient Greek playwright who bequeathed to European culture significant tragedies. Only seven (the Oresteia trilogy, Persians, Seven Against Thebes, The Suppliants, and Prometheus Bound) of his estimated

HerMa ELEUSIS – 4th

Open Discussion The local communities are an integral and vital factor in successfully managing and protecting the cultural heritage. This event, is an open dialogue between local representatives of Elefsina and participants of the conference acting for the international audience. A practical framework for the managing heritage at the community level and acknowledging its importance is hoped

HerMa Market – 4th

Exhibition The Heritage Management Organisation (HMO) will be organising its second “HerMa Market” side-event at the Paleo Eleourgio (Old Oil Factory), Elefsina, from 23 to 24 September 2017. This exhibition will take place within the framework of the 4th HMO International HerMa Conference and under the auspices of the Eleusis Cultural Capital 2021 and the Aeschylia Festival. The event allows experts

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