HerMa Kerasma

Networking Party The closer of the Conference, another great opportunity to expand our network.  

HerMa Market

Registration Form Exhibition The Heritage Management Organisation (HERITΛGE) will be organising its third “HerMa Market” side event at the "Purifier" D10 (Technopolis City of Athens), Athens, from 22 to 23 September 2018. This exhibition will take place within the framework of the 5th HerMa Conference in conjunction with the Athens 2018 World Book Capital, the Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture, the European

HerMa Nārrātūs

Performing Arts / Museum Theatre The HerMa Nãrrãtus was designed with a purpose to promote aspects of folklore culture as a depository of universal intangible cultural heritage. Using as tools the performing arts, as well the methodology of the museum theater, the audiences will have the opportunity to attend a performance that will reveal, digitally and

HerMa Communities

Open Discussion The local communities are an integral and vital factor in successfully managing and protecting the cultural heritage. This event, is an open dialogue between local representatives and participants of the conference. A practical framework for managing heritage at a community level and acknowledging its importance that is hoped to be emerged. Special Guest: Virginia Kokkinou,

HerMa Sacred Way

Heritage Trail A passage to the cultural development through the experience of ancient rituals, longstanding traditions and revitalised customs that trace the athenian landscape. This event aims at acknowledging the impressive varieties of culture in one route.

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