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“Project Management for Heritage Managers” workshop with 32 cultural heritage managers from Ethiopia

The online 3-day workshop on “Project Management for Heritage Managers” took place from 3 to 5 December 2021. 

32 cultural heritage managers from Ethiopia have been trained in how to manage a successful project, from inception, planning and implementation to closure. This workshop has been supported by the UN Economic Commission for Africa and the Heritage Management Organization.

During the three-day workshop, participants took part in individual and group activities. Heritage managers learned the qualities of a good project manager, how to achieve on-time, quality and on-budget completion of a project, with proper planning and strict control. In addition, participants became familiar with the use of tools such as the work breakdown structure, critical path diagram and Gantt chart. At the end of their training, participants successfully acquired the necessary knowledge on how to successfully manage a project. 

The workshop was conducted by Tim Healing, who has over thirty years’ experience working as a project manager and has a professional background in project management, community and NGO development. He specializes in the coordination and support of cultural heritage and community based social action projects in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asian regions. 


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