Stamatoudi, Irini.

Cultural Property Law and Restitution: A Commentary to International Conventions and European Union Law. 

Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011

This invaluable book, for the first time, brings together the international and European Union legal framework oncultural property law and the restitution of cultural property. Drawing on the author’s extensive experience of international disputes, it provides a very comprehensive and useful commentary.

Theories of cultural nationalisam and internationalism and their founding principles are explored. Irini Samatoudi also draws on soft law sources, ethics, morality, public feeling, and the role of international organizations to create a complete picture of the principles and trends emerging today.

This book will be highly useful to academics, postgraduate students, practitioners, and policy makers in the field of cultural heritge or cultural property law. It will also be of great interest to those researching in the areas of museum studies or cultural diplomacy.


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