Summer Culture Camps

Summer Culture Camps

The educational programs department,, organizes cultural summer camps lasting one week, in partnership with schools, parents’ associations, municipalities and sporting or cultural organizations. The thematic camps are:


 “Secrets of an Archaeologist! Shhhh! Come Let’s Discover Them! “

A fun way for children to get acquainted with the little secrets of archaeologists, conservators-restorers, and museologists, examining many aspects of these professions.



“Sports in Antiquity”

The children will learn and play games from antiquity, and they will also create some of their own. They will also discover the value of sport and Olympism, and find their own athletic capabilities.

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Reservations and information[email protected]

Evangelia Pelendridou, T: +30.  6948.807.797

Vasiliki Papadopoulou, T: +30.  6973.065.966

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