HERITΛGE Summer Field School Programs

The Heritage Management Organization, in striving to achieve its mission by fostering research and good practices in heritage management, offers many opportunities for learning new skills or developing the skills and knowledge you may already have.

The summer workshops are designed for students new to a respective field, but also for professionals already in a field who wish to pursue research, training, and professional development. We have a lot to offer! Explore the Heritage Management Organization today and don’t miss out on an opportunity to join in helping us further our mission by participating in our field school programs and projects.

Duration: The four-week summer programs provide in-depth training in two key areas: community engagement and heritage digitization in places of high cultural significance in Greece.

If you are interested in any one or all of these summer field schools do not hesitate to contact us at the email [email protected], or click on the bar to the left on the name of the program. For registration apply below.


Vacancies for the workshops are limited, so please apply early.

Summer Field School Programs Team ID:

  • Evangelos Kyriakidis, fsa, Senior Lecturer in Aegean Prehistory, University of Kent, Canterbury, HERITΛGE Director
  • Foteini Giannoulidi, MA (AUEB/University of Kent), HERITΛGE Programs Convenor

Summer Field School Programs Experts ID:

  • Aris Anagnostopoulos, Manager, HERITΛGE Public
  • Cornelis Stal, Lecturer, Researcher, HOGENT University, Manager, HERITΛGE Digital
  • Doug Rocks-Macqueen, Landward Research Ltd
  • Lena Stefanou, HERITΛGE Public

Summer Field School Programs

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