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TEACH FOR FUTURE: Local training activities dedicated to adult beneficiaries in Romania  

TEACH FOR FUTURE: Local training activities dedicated to adult beneficiaries in Romania in the field of ICT, Management of Innovation & Network Collaboration and Leadership & Entrepreneurship 

The transnational project “TEACH FOR FUTURE – Educational Transformation of Adults through Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship” (“TEACH FOR FUTURE”), funded under the European Union’s Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships, has recently entered a new stage of implementation.

After the successful completion of the train-the-trainers sessions for the 10 facilitators from Romania, Bulgaria and Greece this spring, the TEACH FOR FUTURE project continued with the training activities for the adult beneficiaries from the three countries participating in the consortium.

Between June 25, 2021 (the date of completion of the public selection of participants) and until September 9, 2021, the National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries of Romania (ANBPR), as consortium leader, coordinated the organization of training sessions in Romania . The 78 adult participants, recruited by public call, were the beneficiaries of intensive sessions on current issues in the fields of Information & Communication Technology, Innovation Management & Network Collaboration and Entrepreneurship & Leadership.

The management of the training activities involved the organization of a public call for selection at national level, informing the selected participants about the content of the teaching curriculum, planning the topics, purchasing ECDL certification services and products, enrolling the 78 students in Romania in training programs the 3 topics, the support of ICDL simulations and tests on the 4 IT skills by adults in Romania, the evaluation of participants in the fields of Innovation Management & Network Collaboration and Entrepreneurship & Leadership.

Successful completion of the certification program will end with the issuance of TEACH FOR FUTURE participation certificates, but also ICDL certificates for promoted participants. At the end, ANBPR will announce the organization of a competition of creative ideas on the applicability of the knowledge acquired in the real work environment, and the best ideas will be selected on the basis of a vote.

“I was pleasantly surprised to find that, even at the age of 54, you can still accumulate quality information, in an era in which information is intensely circulated. The Innovation Management course gave me a new perspective from which I can look at opportunities, it changed my false impression that time is never on my side, it taught me how not to give up on dreams even if everything seems to collapse around you. The exchange of experience with the 77 students from different institutions, from different professions (librarians, teachers, computer scientists) was a confirmation of the possibility of unity in diversity. The courage to talk about the difficulties encountered by various institutions during the pandemic as well as the innovative methods applied convinced me once again that the possibilities are varied if we know how to create constructive dialogues. At the same time, budgetary constraints have led to rethinking, reorganizing and, ultimately, optimizing existing services. I was also impressed by the interest and respect that the course moderators showed not only to our profession, but also to the person behind the profession. I consider it a personal success to go through this course through the information received, the people I met and the well-being that it imprinted on me during the 7 days. For all this, I thank Mrs. Ioana Crihană, the moderators, Mrs. Marilena Chiriță and Elena Oncia. Even if the difficulties encountered in the implementation of the project were enough, we hope that the satisfaction left in the souls of the participants will compensate in a positive way and leave room for other equally valuable projects.

The Teach for Future leadership course was a pleasant and welcome surprise. I had the opportunity to become aware of language mistakes in communicating with other people, to recognize postures in body language that discredited me in front of an interviewer or an authority, and, most importantly, to correct them patiently. The exercises done in groups developed my ability to control myself in concrete situations and to test my qualities as a possible leader. All the information related to entrepreneurship, the way you can impose yourself without forcing, through professionalism and honesty, was more than useful. I thank Mrs. Margareta Tătăruș, Ruxandra Miuți and Alice Roman for the close and full of understanding in which they introduced us to the courses taught.”

Lenuța Neacșu, TEACH FOR FUTURE Participant

County Library “C. Sturdza ”Bacău


“Thank you very much for the chance to participate in these courses, which are especially useful, interesting, and passionate, determined and open lecturers to show us new things. I can’t help but tell you that I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the quality of the participants / colleagues, who conquered me every day. A few people in the group will stay in my mind for a long time (even if I didn’t meet them live) and will inspire me in terms of their emotion, their determination and their skill to want beautiful things to happen. With the greatest sincerity and joy: Congratulations and a big THANK YOU for this opportunity.”

Iulia-Valentina Stănescu, TEACH FOR FUTURE Participant


“Regarding the digital marketing sessions and online collaboration tools, I would like to congratulate the readers for the attractive format of the presentations, as well as for the very close collaboration with the participants. I admit, most of these notions were already familiar to me (especially because I have the advantage of being part of the generation of so-called “digital natives”), but it was a pleasure to be with all participants in such a framework. relaxed and cheerful. The image editing course was again a great occasion for joy, especially because I always wanted to deepen my editing tools, but time always put me in trouble. Even though this session lasted only three days, I can say that the facilitator managed to condense the information and help us to acquire the fundamental skills for mastering one of the oldest and most used editing tools, GIMP.”

Vlad Ababei, TEACH FOR FUTURE Participant 


The “TEACH FOR FUTURE” project is an educational premiere both in terms of the mix of adult education skills and in terms of collaborative, transnational and multisectoral approach to the teaching-learning process. Through local training activities for adults, TEACH FOR FUTURE facilitators in Romania transferred a series of specialized knowledge from 3 thematic areas to 78 adult learners, which thus improved their personal and professional development chances, in accordance with current labour market requirements. 

About ANBPR: The most representative professional association of librarians and public libraries in Romania, concerned with the well-being and professional performance of its members, the evolution of the national cultural field and the substantial emancipation of communities. Starting from the basic principles of associative work – solidarity, cohesion, social employment and competitiveness – ANBPR advocates for supporting quality education, democratizing access to innovation and awareness on the benefits of technology for heterogeneous categories of library service users.

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