Monthly Archives: May 2014

Photography & Cultural Heritage Workshop

At the beginning of the Spring Semester, the students of the MA in Heritage Management were offered an opportunity to participate in an extracurricular workshop in photography of cultural heritage. The workshop’s first lessons introduced how heritage has been conveyed through photography in the past and in modern times; the next series of lectures gave us the basics

Digital Nafplio's Brittany K.L. Mabry Interview

1- What makes you passionate about heritage management? I approach heritage management as one who simply believes that there is purpose behind objects and structures that have been left to us by antiquity; deciphering those purposes is the absolute source of my passion for heritage management. Material culture and monuments, like ancients texts, are a

Archaeological Museum of Patras

Recently, I took a spontaneous day trip to Patras and came across the city’s new archaeological museum. The Archaeological Museum of Patras is housed in a sleek, marvelous, contemporary building specifically designed to accommodate large crowds of museum visitors without compromising its collections. The museum is comprised of three large halls for the divided themes

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