Monthly Archives: February 2015

From Acropolis Museum to Eridanos river: a heritage walk in Athens

Woke up to a surprisingly warm day in late winter, taking abnormally uncrowded public transport from Elefsina to Acropolis station, which was perfect to pass the time with an engaging book. I caught up with the Museum Management class inside the Acropolis museum, stepping in on Dr Nota Pantzou’s description on finding hidden clues about

Art in Exile: visit to the Museum of Political Exiles "Ai Stratis"

The museum is small, and if you pass by too quickly you will miss it. From the outside you wouldn’t know what an extraordinary part of humanity and human history is kept inside, all for our—the public’s— sake. There seems to be one thing above all others that human beings give readily to one another,

Integrating heritage into education: Namibia case study

The future of Namibian heritage lies in the hands of learners and students in schools, colleges and universities. When Namibia gained its independence from South Africa’s apartheid regime in 1990, it inherited an extremely biased educational system, the “Bantu Education”, which used Afrikaans and English as teaching languages, made no reference to Namibian heritage, and

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