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Network Stories: Theofanis Karafotias

  Describe your organisation and the unique work that it is doing.  Who and what are affected by the work?  How does/will the work impact people’s lives? Louvre Abu Dhabi dates back to 2007, when France and the United Arab Emirates joined forces to develop an institution rooted in the universal human values. For Louvre Abu Dhabi,

Strategic Planning for Heritage Managers | Banafshe Esfahani

Strategy is considered to be the queen of the managerial disciplines and a key success factor in all areas of human activity. In this respect, there are numerous examples of how a successful strategy can lead to success, even in cases where resources are limited and are not overwhelmingly superior to those of competitors. The

Cultural Heritage Conservation as a Driver For Tourism Development

Going one year back, the first international scientific and practical symposium “Cultural Heritage Conservation as a Driver For Tourism Development” was held in Samarkand on December 4-5, 2019. The forum was organized by the State Committee for Tourism Development, the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Tourism Development under the State Tourism Committee.

Denkraum – Good Life & Sustainable Cities

Denkraum – Good Life & Sustainable Cities is the second event in the 2020 Denkraum series, hosted in three European cities and organized by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in collaboration with Impact Hub Athens. These events explore a positive vision of the future: Sustainable cities by 2030, in which a good life plays an

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