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Cultural Heritage Conservation as a Driver For Tourism Development

Going one year back, the first international scientific and practical symposium “Cultural Heritage Conservation as a Driver For Tourism Development” was held in Samarkand on December 4-5, 2019. The forum was organized by the State Committee for Tourism Development, the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Tourism Development under the State Tourism Committee.

It was a great honor for us that the “Institute for Tourism Development under the State Committee for Tourism” invited the Heritage Management Organization  to participate to the symposium.  Professor Vassilis Ganiatsas represented HERITΛGE at the symposium and shared his insight on “Authenticity and Historical Reconstruction”, proposing an ontological approach to their repercussions in Cultural Heritage Management, while Aris Anagnostopoulos instructed the workshop “Local Communities & their role on preserving Cultural Heritage” to participants from the UK, Italy, Greece, France, Germany, India, France, Japan and China.

The purpose of the event was to preserve and promote the historical, architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan, in particular, Samarkand; to establish long-term cooperation with foreign experts in the field of reconstruction and restoration of tourist sites, to develop strategic proposals and recommendations for improving restoration work and further preservation of architectural heritage, development and dissemination of new forms of cultural tourism, etc.


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