Monthly Archives: September 2022

Upcoming Training Opportunities in Community Engagement and Heritage Interpretation

HERITΛGE is happy to announce three upcoming training workshops for Heritage Professionals. At HERITΛGE we train professionals in the management of heritage sites, independently of project specifics. We have trained more than 1000 individuals and organizations in over 77 countries and are now on course to impact a quarter of global heritage hotspots by 2025. 

HERITΛGE visit to The Gambia – Meeting with heritage sector beneficiaries and stakeholders & Executive Leadership Workshop

The Heritage Management Organization (HERITΛGE) completed an in-person visit to The Gambia for the HerMaP Gambia program on 17th – 24th August to build on and develop the program’s capacity mapping and building functions for the heritage sector. The team, headed by Project Manager Mina Morou, held meetings with The Gambia’s Vice President, Badara Alieu

The Destruction of Heritage, in Ukraine and elsewhere, is an Extreme Form of Affront to Humanity

Βy Dr. Evangelos Kyriakidis From the start of Russia’s aggressive war in Ukraine, the importance of protecting the country’s cultural heritage was obvious to the international community. “We must safeguard the cultural heritage in Ukraine, as a testimony of the past but also as a catalyst for peace and cohesion for the future,” Audrey Azoulay,

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