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Implementing the C1 & C2 trainings of the "Teach For Future" program

The C1 training package, implemented by ANBPR Romania for 10 participants from Bulgaria, Romania and Greece, was successfully completed in February, in the context of Teach For Future program. The 11 people that received the intensive training are the facilitators who are going to train another 210 adults to better respond to the demands of the current working environment in the field of modeling and 3D printing.

Up next, between 18 and 31 of March, the C2 is taking place online via ZOOM by The Heritage Management Organization, within the Center of Excellence in Greece. The training will run for 8 days, totaling 35 training hours. The participants will receive training by some of the most influential academics in the fields of Management, Digital Marketing, Crowdsourcing, Communication and more.

“TEACH FOR FUTURE” focuses on implementing a large series of activities in the adult education field, aiming to train 210 adults in the three partner countries.

Main Objective

Through “TEACH FOR FUTURE” Erasmus + initiative , the consortium of partners aims to contribute to improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunities on innovative educational topics, with potential for economic growth, acquiring and recognizing new skills, knowledge and behaviors in line with the demands of the labor market by adults with a low level of training, so that they better respond to the demands of the current working environment, governed by technology, interdisciplinarity and transnational cooperation.

The “TEACH FOR FUTURE” project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme.


  • “TEACH FOR FUTURE” project represents an educational intervention dedicated to adults, which aims to create a transnational and multisectoral network through which a number of facilitators from Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, multipliers of skills training in the fields of IT, Management of Innovation & Network Collaboration and Entrepreneurship & Leadership, will transfer specialized knowledge from these thematic areas to heterogeneous communities of adult learners from the three countries, but also from the region.
  • Each participating country will coordinate the activities for which it has specific expertise and will mobilize for this purpose key experts and leaders in the field of reference of the project at national level, as well as exponents and decision -makers from the authorities, the business environment, NGOs representative, schools and other educational entities.




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