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The program comprises various specialist courses during the autumn semester:

  • Surveying methods: theory on photogrammetry, laser scanning, and other advanced spatial data acquisition techniques (online);
  • Land surveying in practice: practical course on the actual acquisition of photogrammetric and laser scanning data (online);
  • Data processing: course on the processing of the previously acquired data using appropriate software, resulting in deliverables and critical data quality assessment (online);
  • International land surveying project: integrated fieldwork (Greece, end of October, beginning of November)
  • Cartography and GIS: technical course on the basics and advanced use of geographical information systems (online);



This exchange program is part of the HOGENT bachelor program on Real Estate and Land Surveying and the entire program is awarded 30 ECTS credits at EQF level 6.

Students are expected to earn credits which they can transfer to their studies degree at their home institution. European students might join this program through Erasmus+. Contact the representative at your university for more information.

Surveying methods 4 Click here
Land surveying in practice 4 Click here
Data processing 4 Click here
International land surveying project 6 Click here
Cartography and GIS 4 Click here
Introduction to heritage management 1 4 Click here
Introduction to heritage management 2 4 Click here

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