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Digitizing the Cultural Heritage Monuments of Nafplion

Τhe Municipality of Nafplion, in collaboration with the Heritage Management Organization and Hogent University, carried out an educational program for the digitization of cultural heritage monuments of Nafplion, held on October 25 – November 2, 2020.

In this special program, 13 students of Hogent University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Ghent, Belgium) were trained to create 3D digital models and by using innovative topographic tools, they created digital images of the restoration of the monuments of Nafplion.

For the training, two state-of-the-art ground-based laser scanners were used to collect dense and accurate point clouds. Laser ground scanning is a technique that utilizes invisible laser beams to accurately and geometrically capture objects. Combined with a special built-in camera, it converts point clouds into a 3D display. In addition, the students used the equipment to calculate three-dimensional photo-realistic models that allow to create facets, ortho-photographs and interactive three-dimensional illustrations at any time. The overall project will be presented in the Spring of 2021 on a special website.

The team was invited by the Mayor of Nafplion to work on monuments of the Municipality of Nafplion.Under the supervision of Professor Dr. Cornelis Stal, the team studied and captured

➡️ the Court Square

➡️ the Courthouse,

➡️ Agios Spyridonas Square

➡️ the Ottoman bath,

➡️the old Customs Office and more.

The overall aim of the project was to support better preservation of tangible cultural heritage, and by so doing valorise the role of cultural heritage in supporting job creation, economic growth and social cohesion through supporting the localities as venues for sustainable tourism.



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