Travelling Exhibitions

Temporary Exhibition Design: Agile Exhibitions in a Rapidly Changing Environment



Summer 2022

Online Training Program

Application Deadline:
To be announced



Vacancies for the workshops are limited, so please apply early.


Tessa Pierce
Project Manager and Creative Industries Consultant

Tessa has worked across multiple art and design organisations to deliver major exhibitions and commissions over the past 8 years, including the Victoria and Albert Museum where she delivered exhibitions such as Tim Walker: Wonderful Things, alongside multiple international tours. Formerly, she has held roles with Groves-Raines Architects, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh and Edinburgh Art Festival.

Catherine Sargent
Project Manager and Consultant

Catherine was an exhibition project manager at the Victoria and Albert Museum for seven years before becoming a freelance consultant and advisor. While at the V&A, she delivered Cars: Accelerating the Modern World as well as the international tour of You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-70. Prior to her work at the V&A, Catherine worked with the collection at the V&A Museum of Childhood.
This workshop focuses on how temporary exhibitions can enhance and promote the mission of an institution, create new audiences and generate revenue.
Starting from developing an exhibition concept to the point of taking that exhibition on tour, this workshop will take participants through every stage of making a memorable exhibition. This will include an emphasis on exhibition design, the integration of AV and sound, and how to work with varied and interesting consultants and contractors. This workshop will also concentrate on creating agile exhibitions that are responsive and adaptable to change. 
The workshop will encourage active participation and opportunities to share experiences and workshop ideas for future programmes. As well as the people delivering the course, there will also be guest lectures and group activities. 

For details on the application procedures and available scholarships, see the official announcement of the workshop here