Fees & Scholarships

Fees & Scholarships

HERITΛGE provides scholarships to all participants in its training programs. These scholarships can cover up to 90% of the cost of attendance, depending on the participants’ circumstances and availability of funding. A small number of participants, usually residing in low-income countries are eligible for up to 100% scholarships (see below).

HERITΛGE offers high-quality professional training through high-quality applications. Our work is facilitated and made possible thanks to the generous contributions of our donors who support this training program and make partial scholarships available.



A small number of participants are eligible for up to 100% scholarships for which we take into account the socio-economic background of the participant and their country of residence.



There is also the possibility of providing more than 90% scholarships. The amount of the scholarship depends on various and multi-factorial criteria. In this context, we have a personal meeting to get to know the candidates better and assess the educational value of the training programs for them.

If during our meeting we conclude that may you be eligible for financial support to complete our training, we will ask you to submit a scholarship statement to the HERITΛGE Scholarship Committee. The statement will ask you to describe all those financial, social, or personal factors that make it necessary for you to receive a full or higher scholarship. It is also important to list the skills, abilities, and accomplishments that make you a strong candidate.

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