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Dana Andrew

Dana Andrew is an independent museum consultant and trainer specialising in temporary, touring and partnership exhibitions and international projects.  Based in Dublin, Ireland, she is Professional Development Manager, trainer and mentor for TEG (Touring Exhibitions Group) in addition to working with clients across the UK and Europe.  Supporting museums, galleries and cultural organisations to develop successful projects and programmes with impact, and having the vision, structure and processes in place to do this, is the main focus of Dana’s consultancy and training work. Dana is co-author and co-editor of the Principles & Guidelines for Lending & Borrowing (2021) published by NMDC and TEG, and author of the International Touring chapter of the TEG Manual of Touring Exhibitions (2017). Prior to going freelance in 2014, Dana spent 14 years successfully delivering UK and international exhibitions and projects for several museums, galleries and cultural organisations.

How can temporary, touring and partnership exhibitions enhance and promote an institution’s mission, create new audiences and mutually beneficial partnerships? These are the issues this HERITΛGE workshop focuses on. Starting with building an institutional strategy for exhibitions and partnership-building, participants explore the process behind planning and putting on temporary exhibitions at home and on tour. This includes identifying exhibition objectives, shaping the narrative and content to create a compelling visitor experience, strategies for touring exhibitions nationally and internationally, and exploring how to make exhibitions more sustainable and accessible. The workshop encourages a discursive and participatory approach. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own exhibition ideas to the workshop for discussion and development.

HERITΛGE provides scholarships to most participants in its training programmes. These scholarships can cover up to 90% of the cost of attendance, depending on the circumstances of the participants and the availability of funding. On average, participants contribute around 300 euros to attend one of our 3-day training workshops.

For detailed application procedures and available funding, see the official workshop announcement here.

On successfully completing the workshop students will be able to:


  • Develop an exhibition concept that supports the mission of their institution
  • Develop an exhibition and interpretation concept and that is audience focussed
  • Understand how to make temporary exhibitions suitable for touring
  • Understand partnership, production and economic models for touring exhibitions and select appropriate models for their institution
  • Develop exhibitions that are more accessible 
  • Develop exhibitions that are more sustainable
  • Pitch their exhibition concept with confidence to internal or external stakeholders
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