HerMaP Iran

              HerMaP Iran

Main objective:

As a creative practice-led collaboration between the Consortium and local partners, the action “HerMap Iran” is designed to strengthen CSOs and Local Authorities as partners and stakeholders by connecting the development of cultural heritage management skills with the creative industries and thus investing on enhancing local cultural ecosystems and better integrating them in broader development strategies, with the ambition of contributing to Iran’s rich cultural heritage and its potential for social development and economic and inclusive growth.


  • Training and capacity building of, among others, key heritage stakeholders, decision-makers, local authorities employees, culture and creative operators in different subjects related to Cultural Heritage Management and sustainable cultural tourism.
  • Promoting networking and cooperation between different stakeholders in Iran and between Iran and Europe with the aim of developing sustainable projects, methodologies, partnerships, to value and promote Cultural heritage and to raise local awareness of the historical, intellectual and emotional links existing between local communities and heritage.
  • Encouraging creative industries to fully capture the advantages of preserving, communicating and valorising cultural heritage and its economic potential
  • Creating a virtual space for networking of stakeholders, knowledge-sharing and awareness-raising at regional and international levels.


Co-funded by the European Union


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