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Strategic Planning for Heritage Managers | Milica Tanasijevic

Strategy is considered to be the queen of the managerial disciplines and a key success factor in all areas of human activity. In this respect, there are numerous examples of how a successful strategy can lead to success, even in cases where resources are limited and are not overwhelmingly superior to those of competitors.

The “Strategic Planning for Heritage Managers” Workshop, instructed by Alexandros Papalexandris, Assistant Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business, in May, aimed to provide the tools and methodologies to effectively address the topics of successful strategy formulation and implementation in organisations managing cultural heritage in the contemporary complex environment.

Milica Tanasijevic, Architecture & Planning Professional at SEE Heritage Network, shares her experience with HERITΛGE’s world acclaimed Strategy Workshop.


Describe your organization and the unique work that it is doing.  Who and what are affected by the work?  How does/will the work impact people’s lives?


Give us some information regarding your educational/professional background and your current position.


Describe the main values that you have gained from the specific workshop.


Tell us about a project that will be benefited from the training you received from us?  Why is the project important?  


Has your organization worked on any other projects that are innovative, globally significant and can be replicated in a local market?


What are the global issues that your project addresses (e.g., fighting climate change, preserving heritage and culture, promoting local participation)?

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