HERMA Student Projects

HERMA Student Projects

This new section of our website features related projects, research, and works of HERMA students.

The HMO achieves its aims of promoting good practices in heritage management through tapping highly trained human resources, developing educational programs at all levels, fostering research, facilitating access to relevant information, as well as stimulating discourse.

Here we will showcase the works of highly trained people who are so integral in the mission of the HMO and the development and dissemination of good practices in heritage management and planning throughout the world.

The Works:

Elago, Helvi. “Revisiting heritage education in Namibian schools and tertiary institutions“. Museum Association of Namibia, 2010.


The discussion document titled ‘Heritage into Education, Education into Heritage’ was prepared in 2010 for a Working Group established by the Namibian Institute for Educational Development (NIED) to review the curriculum and to make recommendations about the ways in which Namibia can incorporate `Heritage into Education’ more effectively. Since Namibia’s independence in 1990 there have also been significant developments in the heritage sector with new research into diverse local histories, new recognition of previously neglected heritage sites and greater acknowledgement of indigenous knowledge and cultural diversity. However, there are still considerable opportunities to build and strengthen the bridge between Namibia’s heritage and the education system.


for the full text of the report in PDF, please click here

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