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Unexplored Exeter for Heritage Open Days 2014

The European Heritage Days (Journées européennes du patrimoine) initiative was created by the Council of Europe and the European Commission in 1991 in order to raise awareness and to promote the cultural wealth of Europe, with the key caveat that all events, open days, and talks must be free to attend. Now with 50 signatory

Heritage for All: differently-abled and heritage accessibility

The concept of “Heritage for All” started forming in my mind after the Hands-on Site Workshop with disabled (but I refer to them as differently-abled) at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sanchi Stupa in Madhya Pradesh (India). Sanchi is one of the most important religious and archaeological sites in the Buddhist landscape and attracts

Diazoma: bringing ancient theatres back to life

An interview with Stavros Benos, guest speaker of our student lecture series In ancient Greece, a diazoma was the passage between the upper and lower seating areas of a theatre. Nowadays, it is also the name of an NGO aiming to enhance and bring ancient theatres back to life. Diazoma was born in 2008 to

Thebes: the places of the myths

From the HERMA student lecture series 2014-15 Thebes is a city where the link between mythology and ancient history is so unbreakable that it is very difficult to distinguish where myth ends and history begins. Theban myths started to be formed between the end of the 2nd millennium BC and the beginning of the 1st.

IHC Interview with Sofia Lovegrove

From September until December 2013, an Archaeology graduate from Portugal joined the ranks of IHC and worked on a variety of projects including the Climate Change and the Monuments Project (which she also attended), the coordination of postgraduate students with the initiative and the planning of a Spring tour programme within the MA in Heritage

Introducing the new HERMA blog editor, Carmen Granito

A warm welcome to the new HERMA student blog editor for 2014-2015, Carmen Granito. Joining Brittany Wade from the 2013-2014 cohort, Carmen will be accepting submissions from her classmates on any experience concerning the masters or heritage management in general, for example: • a visit to a museum, a site, a monument, a cultural experience, etc.

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