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Introducing our Conservation II: First Aid for Finds Workshop

The importance of conservation for heritage preservation and management cannot be overstated. Conservation of cultural heritage is not merely about preserving physical objects; it is about safeguarding the messages and values embedded within them.

To delve deeper into this vital field, we are thrilled to announce our new workshop, Conservation II: First Aid for Finds.

This workshop, scheduled for 12-14 April 2024, is an online training program that allows participants from around the globe to engage in an immersive learning experience.

Conservation aims to maintain both the physical and cultural characteristics of an object, ensuring that its intrinsic value remains undiminished over time.

Led by Dr. Alexis Stefanis, Assistant Professor at the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art at the University of West Attica, it will focus on providing step-by-step instructions on the best practices for caring for freshly excavated archaeological and historic objects. Moreover, it will address the delicate task of preserving objects belonging to collections that have been recently damaged, as well as offering insights into administering first aid measures to architectural heritage.

Throughout the workshop, participants will delve into essential processes, including preparation, application of treatments, and monitoring. Dr. Stefanis, with his wealth of experience in research projects and numerous publications on conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of architectural heritage, will guide participants through these intricate procedures.

Find out more information and apply here by 31 March 2024.

**This workshop accompanies our Conservation I: Introduction to the General Principles of Cultural Heritage Conservation workshop that will take place in May 2024.


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